Welcome to SHAKE Consulting website

Active in Geneva since 2007, SHAKE Consulting specializes in management consulting.

SHAKE is an acronym for "sustainable change makers", as our main goal is to provide our clients with consulting services that deliver innovative solutions towards increasing sustainability and long-term efficiency.

We are specialised in change management.


Our mission is to revolution the companies' organization in order to make them more agile and more profitable.
Thus we will ensure their sustainability and contribute to the global setting that we function in.


To be the leader of organization consulting in Suisse Romande, and guarantee:

To our clients
  • Innovative value-added solutions
  • Commitment to results
  • High return on investment

To our associates
  • Creating wealth by capitalizing on their differences
  • Constantly developing their potential
  • A working environment where they may flourish peacefully

To our other stakeholders
  • Taking into account the impact of our activity on each of them
  • Maximizing our daily positive impact on them
  • Minimizing our negative externalities


  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Pragmatism