Enhancing the quality of your services

Active in the service sector? Looking to improve the quality of your services? In search of new services to develop? You're on the right page!

For several years we have developed innovative processes that enable us to significantly strengthen the value of services offered by our customers, thereby strengthening their long-term profitability.

Our approach

  • Optimization of existing services

Our process enables us to highlight the value of your service as perceived by the customer, and all individual components of that value. This perceived value will then determine the client's willingness to pay. The WTP is a hugely important factor to determine – indeed, why price your service 30.- when your customer might be willing to pay 50.- ?

Within this same process, we also identify all elements of no added value as well as the ones that might even lead to loss of that same value. By eliminating these, you will decrease the time required to render the service, allowing an important reduction of production costs.

  • Creation of innovative services

Imagine a new service that your company could offer, something that has never been done before in your sector of activity. Visualizing this service already require a great capacity of innovation!

Now that you can visualize this service, go and ask your friends, colleagues, even your boss: what do they think about it? would they pay for such a service? how much?

You will then realize how difficult it is to evaluate a service that does not exist yet. To appreciate the value of a service, one generally acts by comparison, e.g. one hotel service compared to another, a bank compared to another, etc. But what happens when one has no frame of reference?

This is exactly what we can provide! We can produce experiments that, proceeding through all the necessary steps validated with you, will enable validation of the new concept.

New concepts are usually tested in situation, which can generate heavy costs (staff, facilities, logistics, etc.) Our method will allow you to greatly reduce costs when launching a new concept, that will have been validated prior to launch.

Management coaching

Our coaching methodology

In a coaching process we deal with specific issues that have been clearly defined, with the objective to achieve realistic objectives. Our approach ensures that all tools used to support individual and collective goals within the company are utilized.
As a specific tool, we recommend to use coaching as a complement to consulting and training processes rather than in replacement of them.

To fulfill this mission, it is clear that all SHAKE coaches possess managerial experience as well as all required certifications. In addition, they abide by the ICF (International Coach Federation) Code of Ethics and act within a supervisory structure that guarantees objectivity, in order to preserve the coachee's interests.

To read the Code of Ethics, please  pdfClick here

Types of coaching we offer

  • Integration within a new function
  • Increasing performance within present function
  • Accompanying change
  • Internal coaches training
  • etc.

SHAKE has led coaching missions at all management levels:
  • Board of Directors
  • Management Board
  • Team managers
  • Project managers